Success Stories

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Jasper's Journey

Jasper had a two week history of severe neck pain. Jasper was reluctant to walk or hold her head up. She also suffered from frequent neck spasms. Watch Jasper's journey to recovery.

Ricco the Dachshund

Ricco is a 6 year old Dachshund with a week long history of progressive weakness in the hindlimbs. On his initial exam, he was completely paralyzed in the pelvic limbs but was able to feel his toes. MRI revealed a large intervertebral disc herniation causing severe compression of his spinal cord. A surgery called a "hemilaminectomy" was performed to remove the herniated portion of the disc that was compressing the spinal cord. The video shows Ricco paralyzed on his initial exam prior to surgery, his ability to move his left pelvic limb 2 days after surgery and him walking at his 2 week and 5 week rechecks. Ricco was a great patient and made an excellent recovery!

Watch Ricco's Recovery Journey over 5 weeks.

Bailey the Beagle - Before Surgery

Bailey is an 11 year old beagle with  a 5 day history of progressive weakness.  On her initial examination, she had neck pain and was unable to walk.  MRI showed a large disc rupture in her neck with severe compression of her spinal cord. 

Bailey the Beagle - After Surgery

 A surgery called a "ventral slot" was performed to remove the ruptured part of the disc and relieve the spinal cord compression. Bailey was a champ and a great neurosurgical success story!  

Kahlua shortly after injury

Kahlua is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix who fell from a moving car.  She sustained head trauma and a punctured lung.  She had her chest suctioned, but was treated for her neurological injury with only supportive care.

Kahlua 3 weeks later

Within 3 weeks, she made a remarkable recovery!